Salary guide April 2018

Alternative sources have suggested that salaries in architecture will not rise in 2018, however RIBA Appointments has not seen any evidence of this. It was a good 2017 for RIBA Appointments with a strong close, which we attributed to the success of our direct client base. While this may not directly correspond to the architecture industry overall, it seems our range of small to large clients are experiencing an upturn. Others are not so fortunate, however it appears to us that business is not waning, simply experiencing a shift in the tide.

Projects are not drying up but being apportioned elsewhere and we are seeing a general rise in salaries. Counter-offers are frequently being made to secure the top architectural talent in order to continue business without a hitch and show an immediate return on talent. We see businesses using this need to justify increasing salary offers.

RIBA Appointments focuses on the architecture job market and so cannot speak for the broader construction industry; however as part of the RIBA we have a unique insight into architectural practice. Positive indicators such as the knock-on effect from our clients’ growth, minimal attrition, and salary increases are more than typical. Many firms are aware that a higher salary offer may encourage an employee to jump ship and are responding to this.

We have found some practices as far afield as Canterbury, Bristol, and Manchester are offering salaries equal to or slightly higher than London to attract the top talent.

While last year had a number of redundancies, most of those found roles reasonably quickly, some within a month. 2018 promises to be a good year, especially for the high-end residential sector. It is not all circumspection and there is plenty of momentum in the architecture industry.

Salary Guide 2018 table

Note: The RIBA Appointments Salary Guide 2018 is based on information from the RIBA Appointments Recruitment Consultancy and is separate from RIBA’s annual Business Benchmarking Survey of Chartered Practices. The RIBA Appointments guideline mainly reflects salaries in London, the South East, South West and Manchester which is where the Appointments/Consultancy team see the highest number of placements.