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Contact: Mr Randal Turner

29 Lower Bridge Street
United Kingdom

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About Raise Architects

Andy Foster Architects are a team of architects working from offices in Cheshire and Somerset. Our Chester office covers the Northwest (principally Cheshire, Shropshire and the Wirral) and North Wales. Our Yeovil office covers the Southwest (principally Somerset and Dorset) and South Wales.

We originally started as a one-man band when Andy left the world of big international projects to work at a smaller, more local scale. It wasn’t long before Randal joined in and together we have grown the practice with a team of like-minded, talented architects.

We work hard to ensure that everyone is involved in all aspects of our projects. To encourage this, in each office, we all sit round a single big desk. Being small we’re able to do this and the benefits are huge. It’s amazing how feeling part of the business with everyone making a major contribution enhances team spirit. We just have to make sure we’ve got the right people around the desk!

Why not contact us to see if you are the right sort of person to join our team?

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