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Employment Law is a complex and ever-changing subject (so for specific matters do be sure to take appropriate legal advice). We aim here, however, to give a brief overview of issues relating to many of the most commonly asked questions from employers and employees.

The RIBA recommendations concerning best employment practice and equal opportunities in the architecture profession are now available, and in addition model contracts for RIBA Part I and Part II staff can be downloaded from the PEDR website.


Further information
The RIBA's Employment Policy and supporting material can be found by clicking here.
Public Services information on Employment Directgov
Workplace Law provides information and advice on employment issues
The Department for Work and Pensions has a number of useful links and topics at
Details of ACAS (The Arbitration, Conciliation and Advisory Service) are at

Employers can find useful information on employment topics at Business Link (a service provided by the Small Business Service, an agency of the UK Government). Follow the 'Regulations and Tax' button at


Much of the information above is reproduced, within the confines of Crown Copyright, from the Department of Trade and Industry website. Information regarding contracts of employment is from the Architect's handbook of practice management, 7th Edition, published by RIBA Publications, ISBN 1 85946 119 0

All information given on these pages is for guidance purposes only and should not be taken as definitive or comprehensive.

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